Release Notes - ROME Incubator - Version 1.0-M1 - HTML format


  • [INCUBATOR-4] - [certiorem] build failure - Resource /otherSupportedHeader.txt not found in file system, classpath or URL: no protocol: /otherSupportedHeader.txt
  • [INCUBATOR-5] - [certiorem] Setting of Host / Port request properties on HttpURLConnection unnecessary
  • [INCUBATOR-6] - [certiorem] AsyncRequestor not honoring verifySync parameter
  • [INCUBATOR-10] - Hub notification should deliver a feed with delta entries only and not include unchanged entries

New Feature

  • [INCUBATOR-2] - [certeorem] Need to add unsubscribe method to Subscriptions class
  • [INCUBATOR-3] - [certeorem] Need SyncRequester class that extends AbstractRequester


  • [INCUBATOR-1] - Need to replace System.out messages with JDK log messages
  • [INCUBATOR-7] - [certiorem] Client code needs a callback hook on hub notification.
  • [INCUBATOR-9] - [certeorem] Need to allow deferred setting of members for Subscription

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