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Welcome to ROME

Rome has moved


Rome has moved to github. This pages, repositories and issues aren't used no more.

ROME Subprojects



Latest Release

ROME Fetcher

A caching feed fetcher that supports retrieval of feeds via HTTP conditional GET. Supports ETags, GZip compression, and RFC3229 Delta encoding.

ROME Fetcher v1.0 (Mar 11 2009)

Rome Modules

Provide support for feed extensions such as GeoRSS, iTunes, Microsoft SSE and SLE, Google GData and others.

ROME Modules 1.0 (Feb 24 2011)

ROME Propono

Supports publishing protocols, specifically the Atom Publishing Protocol and the legacy MetaWeblog API. Propono includes an Atom client library, an Atom server framework and a Blog client that supports both Atom protocol and the MetaWeblog API.

ROME Propono v0.6.


Outline Processor Markup Language (OPML) parser and tools.






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  1. Anonymous

    What is the status of this project? I'd like to start using it but after checking out the source and poking around here it looks to be in a state of flux.. I'd be happy to help get it moving again, but can't seem to find any developer mailing list... it would be great if someone would contact me about it. rick at


    1. Rome 1.0 is stable and used in production in many companies.  I added a link to our Mailing Lists on the toolbar to the right.

  2. Anonymous

    Agree with the previous post, would be nice to know the status of this project.  Any updates since ROME 1.0?

    1. There haven't been enough changes to motivate a new version release yet.  1.0 has been very reliable.

      1. Anonymous

        Maybe you haven't looked at the proposed roadmap for a while?   There are lots of things to add!  Outwardly, this project looks dead...

  3. Anonymous

    Rome has worked very good for me since I found it recently.

    The tutorials at displays Page not found. warned earlier that the page is going to be removed.

    Could we put the articles here instead? I saved them on my PC, in case you have no backup.


  4. Anonymous

  5. Anonymous

    dose not work with some recent xml.

    seems like problem in jdom 1.0 library.

    you can try to fetch:

    this link contains enclosure elements, but rome library unable to see them.

    1. Anonymous

      my faul.

      everyting ok

  6. Anonymous

    Is there a method to get the XML source of an entry?

  7. Hi,

    I need to consume ATOM feeds. I am evaluating Apache Abdera and Rome. Do you have any points to support why ROME is better than Apache Abdera? 

    Also, i would like to know is there inbuilt polling mechanism in ROME or we need to schedule the programs for fetching feeds. If there is inbuilt polling mechanism, any pointers to understand that will be very helpful.




  8. Anonymous

    "Tutorials and Articles" -> dead link (Page not found) (tongue)

  9. Anonymous

    Tutorials and Articles

  10. Anonymous

    Did u see that? I found a problem ,SyndFeed‘s getEncoding  does  not work 。 can anybody help me?

    1. Anonymous

       this is my email  ,i am looking up for help

    2. Anonymous

    3. Anonymous

  11. Anonymous

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