This plug in is for use with feeds from Creative Commons license.

This module provides a unified rights and license system for both the RSS2/Atom and RSS/RDF namespace. However, if you wish to generate RDF/RSS feeds, you need to use a CVS build of ROME (or a version higher than 0.8).

The latest version is 0.2 available.

Sample Usage

CreativeCommons commons = new CreativeCommonsImpl();
commons.setLicense( new License[]{ License.NONCOMMERCIAL } );
// Note, you do not have to setAllLicenses right now. When the RSS1 functionality is
// added, this will be required at the Feed level only.
ArrayList modules = new ArrayList()
modules.add( commons );
syndEntry.setModules( commons );

//Alternately, to get the module:
CreativeCommons commons = (CreativeCommons) syndFeed.getModule( CreativeCommons.URI );



Initial release from ROME.