iPhoto Photocasting

This plug in is for use with iPhoto Photocast listings.

This module will read and write photocast feeds "properly". Be advised, however, that an iPhoto photocast feed will not pass a FeedValidator test as they are not properly namespaced. If you are wanting to publish, rather than read, consider using the MediaRSS plug in instead. iPhoto will also read MediaRSS (Flickr Photostream) feeds as well.

The latest version is 0.2 available.

Sample Usage

SyndFeed feed = input.build(  new File( "/foo.rss" ) ) );
List entries = feed.getEntries();
for( int i =0; i < entries.size() ; i++ ){
    System.out.println( ((SyndEntry)entries.get(i)).getModule( PhotocastModule.URI ) );

// or to create a photocast module:

SyndFeed myFeed = new SyndFeedImpl();
myFeed.getModules().add( new PhotocastModuleImpl() );
// you need this as a placeholder so the version gets in the feed.

SyndEntry myEntry = new SyndEntryImpl();
PhotocastModule pm = new PhotocastModuleImpl();
pm.setUrl( new URL("http://foo.com/img.jpg" ) );
pm.setThumnail( new URL("http://foo.com/img-small.jpg" ) );
pm.setCropDate( new Date() );
pm.setPhotoDate( new Date() );
pm.setMetaData( new PhotoDate(), "Some comments that I think always get ignored." );
myEntry.getModules().add( pm );



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