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Latest Release

ROME Fetcher

A caching feed fetcher that supports retrieval of feeds via HTTP conditional GET. Supports ETags, GZip compression, and RFC3229 Delta encoding.

/wiki/spaces/FETCHER/pages/4227363 v1.0 (Mar 11 2009)

Rome Modules

Provide support for feed extensions such as GeoRSS, iTunes, Microsoft SSE and SLE, Google GData and others.

ROME Modules 1.0 (Feb 24 2011)

ROME Propono

Supports publishing protocols, specifically the Atom Publishing Protocol and the legacy MetaWeblog API. Propono includes an Atom client library, an Atom server framework and a Blog client that supports both Atom protocol and the MetaWeblog API.



Outline Processor Markup Language (OPML) parser and tools.