How to build Rome?

Rome is built using mighty Maven! This is why these instructions are so short:-)

If you don't want to build Rome we'd suggest you download a binary build:-)

Check out from Subversion

See Version Control for access intructions and to browse the source from your browser.

Check out the tag version-0-1 for version 0.1. Else checkout the trunk for the development version.

Setup maven

See Installing Maven for details.

Maven automatically downloads dependencies of a project from an online repository.

Build rome.jar

At the command prompt type:

> mvn jar:jar

This will build


You're good to go.

Build a full binary distribution

> mvn

Build the project site

> mvn site

For Rome developers

Work on Rome using Eclipse

> mvn eclipse:eclipse

will setup the Eclipse project for you.

We don't use the site:deploy or dist:deploy targets yet since is not very maven-friendly yet:-)